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meet Hannes and holger

In 2008, at a legendary Berlin park party, the story of AKA AKA, a house music duo hailing from Berlin, began with a fortuitous encounter. Hannes and Holger, originally from different parts of Germany, instantly connected and joined forces, releasing their debut track titled "Woody Woodpecker." This initial release quickly caught the attention of DJs and audiences alike, propelling the duo into the spotlight. Over the course of 14 years and more than 1000 shows, AKA AKA embarked on an extensive touring journey.

Fast forward to 2023, AKA AKA has now ventured into new territory by launching their very own label, WHATS POPPIN, with a specific focus on bass-heavy house music. Their releases have received widespread acclaim on platforms such as Beatport, consistently securing prominent positions within the top30 and top3 of their respective genres. Among their notable successes is the track "Let Me Show You," which achieved remarkable recognition by reaching the number one spot on Apple iTunes Electronic Germany chart and gaining support from influential figures in the industry like Alok, Wade and Claptone.

AKA AKA's extraordinary musical journey is driven by a foundation of trust, friendship, and an unwavering commitment to musical excellence. As they continue to evolve, they promise their global audience an ever-changing and captivating experience that showcases their dedication to their craft.

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